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Jul 20


DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn: “Broken Heart”

wish i went to pitchfork today only for dj spinn tbh

Jul 9


remember how camisado originally had a fucking rave party in the middle of it

this is my fave old patd thing I’ll ever admit to being obsessed with

like this was my fave song in 6th aND 7th grade lol so serious

Jun 29

Jun 28


"can I call you? can I feel you?do you feel me?cuz I feel you around.” —-'DAYS' by MEG

we the king - Ruben Slikk & ISSUE

Jun 24

Jun 23

Yung God - Pariah

Jun 19

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May 21


Perfume - Party Maker

I’m tellin’ ya. This album is BUMPIN’~!!
This is one of my favorite songs on the album, and it’s reminiscent of “More! More! More!” (by Capsule, of course) to me.

May 14



Major Lazer ft. Ezra Koenig - Jessica

I still can’t believe this song happened

This makes me happy


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